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Weight Gain / Loss


Causes of Obesity
Obesity has many contributing factors. These include: genetic factors, environmental factors, diet and eating habits, levels of activity, stress (emotional and physical), other emotional problems, drugs, cultural orientation, metabolic and endocrine disorders, development issues and physiologic regulation, and rarely brain damage.

Signs and Symptoms of Obesity
Obesity leads to excessive body fat composition and excessive weight. Frequently, there are associated emotional problems, many of which develop due to the social stigmata of obesity. Poor exercise tolerance is present, often from the lack of routine exercise.


Signs and Symptoms of Malabsorption
People who suffer from some type of malabsorption syndrome often will have bad-smelling, copious stools. The stool may contain mucus or be in the form of diarrhea. Vague abdominal discomforts are common as is excessive gas. Generalized weakness and unintended weight loss may occur. Occasionally, there may be anemia, especially if there are problems absorbing vital nutrients and vitamins needed for red cell production.