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Tongues of Materia Medica

  1. Ant crud- Thick milky white coating
  2. Ant tart- Coated pasty thick white with reddened papillae and red edges
  3. Apis- Tongue fiery red, swollen , sore and raw with vesicles as if varnished
  4. Arum Strawberry Tongue
  5. Belladonna Strawberry tongue
  6. Baptisia- white and red papillae, dry and yellow brown in centre, later dry, cracked, ulcerated
  7. Bryonia- Dry parched tongue, coated along centre, red at base
  8. Cina- Clean tongue
  9. Ipecac- Clean tongue
  10. Pyrogen-Large, flabby, clean, smooth as if varnished
  11. Mercurius- large, flabby, with imprint of teeth, mapped tongue
  12. Nux vom- First half clean, posterior coated with deep fur, white, yellow, cracked edges
  13. Nux moschata- tongue so dry that it adheres to the soft palate
  14. Rhus tox- Dry, sore, red, cracked, triangular red top. Takes the imprint of teeth
  15. Lac can- Tongue coated white with bright red edges
  16. Natrum mur- Tongue mapped with red insular patches, like ringworm on sides
  17. Chelidonium- Tongue yellow with imprint of teeth, large flabby
  18. Taraxacum- mapped tongue covered with a white film, coated with raw patches
  19. Nitric acid- tongue clean, red with central furrow, fissured in all directions
  20. Fluoric acid- fissured in all directions
  21. Veratrum viride- red stripe down the centre
  22. Nat sulp- Dirty Greenish gray or brown coating of the tongue
  23. Kali mur- Greyish white coating of tongue
  24. Baptisia- brownish coating of tongue

Geographical Tongue- Natrum mur, Taraxacum

Cracked Fissured Tongue- Fluoric Acid

Strawberry Tongue- Bell, Arum Triphyllum

Thick milky white coated tongue- Ant Crud

Deep centrally cracked Tongue- Nitric Acid