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Homeopathy - Traditional Healing Art for Modern Times

Why Homeopathy? 

Today more and more people are assuming responsibility for their own well-being. We improve our nutritional habits, we exercise, learn relaxation techniques, and turn to gentle and non-toxic medicines. Choosing safe and gentle approaches to health care is only one more of the many areas in which we see a return to the traditional values of a wholistic understanding of our bodies, as well as of our environment.

Homeopathy, soundly based on principles of nature, fulfills the demands of all of these traditional values and has even been called ‘Medicine of the 21st Century’

Homeopathy - old or new?

Hippocrates, considered the father of modern medicine, taught 2000 years ago: “Through the like disease is produced and through the application of the like it is cured.” Paracelsus, a 16th century Swiss physician, wrote: “Sames must be cured by sames.” These are the foundations of Homeopathy. It was Samuel Hahnemann, though, a well-respected scholar, physician, chemist, and teacher, born in 1755, in Saxony, Germany, who developed Homeopathy into an applicable system of medicine. Having survived the test of 200 years of worldwide practice, there now are Homeopathic hospitals, clinics and Homeopathic medical schools in many countries all over the globe. 

Homeopathy - old or new?

An approach which also encompasses nutritional, physical, and emotional aspects of healing, is integrated with a thorough observation and understanding of the symptoms of health and disease. Whether a lifetime of accumulated ill health or acute disease, treatment requires a process that is based on sound principles and on observeable results. The role of Homeopathy is to address disease on a most fundamental level and to ‘stimulate’ and ‘guide’ the process of health and disease in the most gentle, yet effective, manner possible towards return to health.

Only the most minute, even infinitesimal, doses of a Homeopathic substance are used. During the process of preparation of Homeopathic remedies, (mostly substances from the three natural kingdoms) extremely high dilutions are achieved. This ensures that there is no concern as to any ‘toxic side-effects’ from the remedies. 

Homeopathy is suitable for everybody, infants, pets, the elderly, as well as during pregnancy.

All symptoms in a person are taken into consideration. We exist as physical, emotional, mental, and, of course, spiritual beings. Symptoms are inter-connected on all levels. It is inconceivable to think that one could treat a sore throat, some stomach trouble, or a sprained ankle as single and separate parts without affecting the rest of the organism. After all, your foot is indeed connected to your head, so to speak. Physical symptoms, personality, life history, inheritance, all can yield important information to the Homoeopath in his attempt to select the appropriate remedy for the individual person.

Homeopathy aims to support and strengthen the organism in its struggle towards health and healing. Rather than suppressing or changing naturally occurring healing processes, nature is observed and regarded as the guide on the path toward well-being.

Dosage and administration of Homeopathic remedies can vary depending on the assessment of each individual case. Factors such as severity of symptoms, whether the condition is acute or chronic, age and vitality, the use of conventional medication, etc, will guide the Practitioner’s final dosage decisions. Whether the remedy is taken in form of smallest size sugar pellets, or in form of a liquid tincture in a little bit of pure water, most commonly it will be taken between meals by letting it dissolve and absorb under the tongue. Sweet tasting, it is a favourite with many children.